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Simple Database input/output Tool (P#0003)

Client: Travelpro37

Date: November 19, 2015

Categories: HTML / PSD to HTML / Website Design

Project Name:simple database input/output tool

Project Description:
Require simple html / mysql script to be coded. Page needs to pull information from a database, populate fields on a page, allow user to edit those fields, and submit changes to database (changes go into duplicate fields -> description to description2).
Precisely what needs to be done:
1- pull fields name, address, description, description2, description3, wikipedia link, wikipedia image, urls for 12 images, longitude, latitude and google_search_term from database (dummy name, and passwd)
2 – show fields on page, which can be edited
3 – show images from the image url’s on page, allow user to click load more images, to replace the fires 6 with the second set of 6.
4 – allow user to click on image(s) so that they become highlighted -> once submitted post to field image1=true, image 6=true etc.
5 – allow user to click checkbox “main” under image -> once submitted post to field mainimage=image1
6 – show wikipedia image on page
7 – show wikipedia text/article in iframe
8 – show google maps in iframe
9 – show longitude/latitude as marker on google maps
10 – allow user to right click on map to show coordinates, post coordinates to text box
11 – iframe of google search of google_search_term.

Skills required:
HTML, PSD to HTML, Website Design
Employer Feedback:
Simple Database input/output Tool

Simple Database input/output Tool

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