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{ I'm Azmat Hunzai }

Just few lines of code that's all I do!

Freelancer -Android Developer - Web Developer


Total Projects : 217 Top Countries : Russia,USA,Pakistan,Canada,Brazil


  • Drawing gradient border or text color as gradient is quiet cumbersome task with Android Java or Kotlin, with Jetpack compose its a very simple and straight forward which can be…
  • Google Play Billing is a payment system that allows users to purchase digital content on Android devices. It includes the Google Play Store app for downloading apps and games, as…
  • step-by-step instruction how you can find app that are using old Google Play Billing or later than 4 and upgrade.

  • September 11, 2017

    Zen coding plugin for gedit 3

    Hi guys are you using gedit as your primary code editor and want to install zen coding plugin you are in right place, there are 2 popular plugin for gedit…

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