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Google VS Yandex, Yandex files complaint against Google

As you all know about Google and Yandex, both are search engines, and Google is responsible for the development of android Operating system .Yandex is the mostly used search engine in Europe and former soviet union countries. Few days ago Yandex launched complaint about Google pre-installed applications with Android OS which Russia orders Google to stop preinstalling its own Android apps.

In its response, Google said manufacturers and Android device owners may stray from the Google path if they want. “Device makers are free to use Android with or without Google applications and consumers have complete freedom to use rival applications,” a Google representative said.

Now Yandex Says Complained to EU Over Google’s Android which strengthen its complaint and asked EU to investigate about Google actions.

It’s a point to remember that Google had per-installed applications with almost every android phones which disturbs the competition between different application developers, the market should be make open so that every one have equal opportunity to make its share in market and Google avoid monopoly with pre-installed applications.



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